A complete Healthcare Platform made Affordable & Accessible


Experience the Future of Healthcare with SUITS Health App – India’s First All-In-One Health
Companion! Introducing SUITS Health App,

SUITS Health App is a revolutionary mobile application that aims to transform healthcare in India. It
offers a comprehensive range of services and features to address all aspects of health and wellness.
Here is a summary of the key features provided by SUITS Health App:

1. Emergency Alert: This feature sends an immediate emergency notification to your ICE (In Case of
Emergency) contacts, along with your precise location, ensuring prompt help during critical situations.

2. SAVEYO: This feature connects blood donors with those in need, facilitating blood donation
requests based on blood type and location, ultimately bridging the gap between donors and

3. SANS: Through SANS, users can quickly request an ambulance with just a tap, ensuring swift and
reliable assistance during emergencies.

4. SUITS Women: SUITS Women is an initiative within the SUITS Health App that empowers women’s
health and well-being. It breaks barriers to quality healthcare, provides comprehensive support, and
fosters a community of women supporting women. With a safe space and reliable resources, SUITS
Women strives to make healthcare accessible and empowering for all women.

5. Home Care and Laboratory Services: SUITS Health App offers comprehensive home care services,
including nursing care and physiotherapy, as well as convenient access to laboratory services for
hassle-free diagnostic tests and health screenings.

6. Doctor Consultations: Users can book appointments, have video consultations, and receive expert
medical advice from qualified doctors, all from the comfort of their homes, eliminating the need for
long wait times and crowded waiting rooms.

7. Pharmacy and General Health Products: The app provides a dedicated section for pharmacy
services, offering a wide range of genuine medications and general health products, making it easier
to order prescriptions and wellness essentials.

8. Personal EMR: SUITS Health App incorporates a Personal Electronic Medical Records (EMR) feature,
allowing users to securely store and access their medical history, including past diagnoses,
medications, and lab reports. This feature empowers users to make informed decisions about their

Overall, the SUITS Health App is designed to be an all-in-one health companion, providing convenience,
accessibility, and peace of mind for users seeking healthcare services in India.