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To make affordable healthcare accessible, SUITS created an ecosystem rather than just a hospital chain.

SUTS CARE NETWORK is the ecosystem that includes a network of hospitals, clinics and other healthcare service providers, affordable pharmacies, designed many innovative approaches to onboard the public as partners and promoters, affordable insurance providing platforms, securing the middle class and middle-aged population in different means and many innovations which are listed below:

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Mrs Sumalatha

Namaste !
Very recently, when everything was going fine in my life,I met with an accident. Highly boiling water fell on me and I got seriously injured. Initially I took first aid treatment . But after some time the pain worsened and became unbearable.I remembered that I had taken PHC membership from SUITS CARE NETWORK, then I immediately called the emergency number on the card. They responded very quickly and guided me to visit KIMS hospital which is nearer to me and even before I reached there, the SUITS team informed the hospital management about me. Got the best treatment there for 5 days and what really impressed us is one of the team members from SUITS team reached us in the KIMS hospital, Nellore to help us. So i really want to say Thanks to Dr. Soma Sekhar Reddy Sir who is behind such an inspiring project and also to the team members who supported me in my hard days. Otherwise I should have paid hefty hospital bills. I strongly recommend SUITS to all the people. It is always better to be prepared for the worst.

Mr V Raghava

My dad met with an accident at Macherla. He was taken to a nearby government hospital. When I got a call, immediately I contacted the emergency number on the SUITS AHC card. They suggested to shift my dad to Tulasi multi speciality hospital after confirming that he is stable to shift. Doctors team responded well, initially gave first aid treatment and found that there is a complex fracture in the left leg. They allocated an AC room and the staff were very concerned. Surgery went well, he was discharged home in stable condition. I didn’t pay even a rupee for the whole treatment. Initially I was very hesitant to buy an AHC card, but when my friend,Sasi, recommended securing my dad at least, I was convinced. Now I thank god, Sasi and SUITS company for designing such an affordable health plan. I really indebted to the Tulasi hospital team and Dr. Rakesh Kiran for their commitment and concern.

Mrs Krishnaveni

Hello all !
My daughter met with a road accident at inner ring road, Guntur sustained multiple wounds and became unconscious on the spot. All the people passing on the road are just watching my daughter without doing any help for more than half an hour. And due to some miscommunication even ambulances did not show up. But luckily one of the employees of SUITS CARE NETWORK named KESHAVA passing by, understood her situation and immediately informed Tulasi Multi Speciality Hospital, Guntur and they sent an ambulance for my daughter. Immediately doctors started resuscitation without even looking for us and formalities. Because of that golden hour treatment today I am seeing my daughter. I will always be grateful to the total doctors and other team members of Tulasi Hospital because of their support. Every vital organ got damaged. They took care of her like a small baby and handovered my daughter to me in a very good and healthy condition. Even if there are any synonyms for thanks then I definitely use those words also for Tulasi Hospital’s entire team.

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