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Screening is identifying disease or at risk even without symptoms 

Screening help in early diagnosis and thereby help to get early treatment and improved quality of life


“In India, breast cancer has the highest incidence and death rate. Its incidence is 13.5 percent as against oral 10.3 percent, cervix/uterus 9.4 per cent, and lung 5.5 percent,” in the GLOBOCAN 2020 survey, it was estimated that nearly 13.25 lakh people were diagnosed with cancer. 


In India, a study conducted among rural women with cervical cancer, found the five-year survival rate to be 9 per cent when the disease is diagnosed at stage IV, which soars to 78% if diagnosed at an early stage.“Till a few years ago, cervix cancer had the highest incidence amongst Indian women. But since the last few years, the cases of breast cancer are on top of the table. One out of eight Indians is likely to develop cancer in his/her lifetime. Unfortunately, in our country, still a majority of patients consult doctors at a late stage of the disease. 

  • Breast cancer screening :

. Breast self examination 

. Clinical breast examination 

. Digital Mammography 

. MRI breast

  • Breast self examination: Above the age of 20 year every female should examine her breast every month and notice for any change like skin changes, lump in breast or axilla and nipple discharge 
  • Clinical breast examination :

After the age of 20, once in every three years it is better to get a breast self examination done or whenever you notice a change during breast self examination see a clinician and get a breast examination done. 

  • Mammogram : Guidelines suggest to get a digital mammogram by age 
  • 40-44 yrs it’s better to get a annual mammogram 
  • 45-55 yrs annual mammogram of breast  
  • >55 yrs mammogram once in 2 years 
  • MRI screening : Gives a better screening in high risk individual when added to mammogram 
  • Cervical cancer screening: Three types of screening test for cervical cancer are available

1.Pap smear most widely used

2.Hpv test / HPV PAP co test

3.VIA( visual inspection of acetowhite area)

All the women above the age of 30yrs better and more than 40 should get a  pap smear  done once three years.