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Child abuse

What is child abuse?

A child of less than 18 years of age is considered abused if intentional harm or mistreatment is caused.

Does abuse refer to sexual abuse?

No. There are various types of abuse, and child sexual abuse is one of them.

What are the types of abuse?

Physical abuse

Sexual abuse 

Emotional abuse

Medical abuse 

Neglect abuse 

Who can cause abuse ?

Child can be abused by a parent, a relative, a caretaker or a neighbor 

What is the reason for increased child abuse now a days?

Nuclear families with working parents and hectic schedules create a great deal of separation between parents and children. Children are vulnerable to an environment of abuse due to their reliance on workers.

How can you tell if your child has been abused?

  • The child will be embarrassed, confused, or guilty and will be afraid to tell anyone about the incident.
  • Staying calm and isolated, avoiding contact and participation in normal activities.
  • Changes in behaviour or performance at school that occur unexpectedly
  • Scared and depressed most of the time
  • Difficulties sleeping
  • Physical changes such as injury scars
  • Suicidal ideation
  • In the case of sexual abuse, you may notice a change in behaviour or knowledge about sex that is not related to their age. Sexually transmitted infection
  • Private-parts pain, bleeding, or injury

How can we prevent child abuse?

  • First and foremost, have a healthy bond with your child so that he or she can interact with you well and express any harm caused.
  • Educate child about good touch / bad touch 
  • Educate your child about their rights.
  • Making a healthy environment for child growth
  • Frequent monitoring of child growth
  • Noticing any change in child physical / behavioral and sleep patterns

When should I go to the doctor?

If you suspect that your child or another child has been abused, call for help immediately.

A child should consult a paediatrician, psychiatrist, or gynaecologist based on the symptoms of the type of abuse.