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Blockers to Achieve Affordable Healthcare

Doctor Side Problems

  1. Could not spend reasonable amount of time to educate patients apart from treating.
  2. Unable to consider the patient related non-compliances towards the treatment.
  3. Must depend on middle men for patient acquisition which is one of the significant reason for inflation of treatment cost.
  4. Lack of administrational and management skills and could not spend reasonable amount of time on proper administration.
  5. Not ready to face the litigations from the patients side and becoming the soft target to media, politicians and public. No proper authority or organization to backup the doctors in such litigations.
  6. Promotions become expensive and hercurios task.

Patient Side Problems

  1. Minimum or no knowledge on health system.
    a. No knowledge on hospital operations and related expenses.
    b. No knowledge on how many departments and staff works for each patient.
  2. Minimum or no awareness on disease and causative factors for such diseases.
    a. Most often diseases and complications are due to patients themselves.
    b. Their food habits, lifestyle related and delayed approach to the appropriate doctor.  
  3. Could not afford the appropriate treatment in appropriate time.
  4. No Proper patient guidance channels

SUITS CARE NETWORK (SCN) is working towards a better society where doctors and patients should show concern to each other. Recently, there are multiple instances against doctors where doctors are honestly working to save the patient but landed in trouble due to patient related factors. society, media, Police and Law along with politicians are biased with patient’s emotions and loss. Literally there is no system to support doctors except powerless, voice less & busy doctors. It is repeating again & again and merely there is no Solution for it.

SCN is striving to protect doctors with a multifaceted approach without compromising patients’ well-being.

One amongst the few important problems is due to money related issues. One and only solution for this problem is to bring affordable healthcare in India, especially accessible to the middle class segment middle aged population, who are the major trouble creators. This segment of people know when and where the quality treatment is available but couldn’t afford it.They lack complete knowledge on health system and disease but refuse to learn and accept the facts when they are in need. Doesn’t mean they are bad but they react badly to the situation out of frustration and make things worse at every end.

To make affordable healthcare accessible, SUITS created a platform by onboarding the right solution giving partners and creating a right fit product to the middle class segment.


Andhra Pradesh

  1. Guntur
  2. Palakaluru
  3. Nambur
  4. Sattenapalli
  5. Pedanandipadu
  6. Kollipora
  7. Narsaraopeta
  8. Chirala
  9. Nidadavole


  1. LB Nagar, Hyderabad
  2. Vanasthalipuram, Hyderabad
  3. Hayatnagar, Hyderabad
  4. Shamshabad, Hyderabad
  5. Nizamabad