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Do you know how many types of thyroid diseases can affect women?

It is of 2 types – hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

Many Indian women know that there are two types of thyroid diseases but do not know the terms called hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. They know the two types as 1) weight gaining thyroid disease and the other one as 2) weight loosing thyroid disease. Actually speaking, the weight gaining type of thyroid disease is hypothyroidism and weight losing type of thyroid disease is hyperthyroidism.

How to identify thyroid diseases?

They can be identified by clinical symptoms and also by blood tests and scans. Symptoms by which we can identify hypothyroidism include weight gain, lethargy-lack of interest in daily activities, menstrual problems, unable to bear cold weather, constipation, facial puffiness, swelling of legs etc. symptoms by which we can identify hyperthyroidism include weight loss, hyperactivity, palpitations, unable to bear hot weather, loose motions etc.

Blood test used to diagnose thyroid disease is thyroid profile. Some individuals have enlarged thyroid gland in the neck region called as goiter for which neck scanning called ultrasound is needed to identify the size of the gland and to know whether that is a cancer or not.

Why to identify thyroid diseases?

It is important to identify thyroid disease early  as it is an easily curable disease which can prevent long term complications. It is much more important to identify thyroid disease in pregnant women because it leads to fetal complications like abortions, preterm delivery, excessive bleeding during delivery, cretinism.